DIVERGENCE is a House of Artists, working within the creative industries of music and fashion. Based between Paris and Milan, DIVERGENCE team-members are the subjects of the narratives we facilitate.
fashion + music // photography + video
Patrick Clark is a stylist, creative director and
editor. After studying at the University of
Cambridge, Patrick began his career in fashion in
London, where after assisting several prominent
stylists, he developed his own visual style and
aesthetic, working between fashion and music.
Over the past decade, Patrick has gone on to work
with some of the most renowned names in the
industry, with clients and collaborators that range
from Parlophone, Sony, Universal, Microsoft, Elite,
Chanel to Vice Media, Vogue and Document
Journal, among others.

In 2021, Patrick Clark co-founded Divergence, a
creative studio and house of artists based
between Milan and Paris, to further pursue his
signature approach, combining in depth visual
research with an eye for the crucial aesthetic
intersections between music and fashion.

As a co-founder of Divergence Studio, art director and movement director based in Paris, A.P. Taccardo’s approach to working in fashion is shaped and defined by years of studying dramatic arts. Born just outside Milan, A.P. Taccardo first studied theatre in Milan, before moving to Paris to research movement and dance. Taccardo was appointed first assistant director at the age of 19 at the Piccolo Teatro.. 
In more recent years, this research has resulted in collaborations with visual artists and performers, alongside regular commitments as a trainer and teacher of theatre and movement in Universities and schools, practices that are used to research and experiment. 
A.P. Taccardo’s methods include Laban and Bartenieff, biomechanics and somatic practices, of the likes of Feldenkreis and Alexander technique. Thanks to these disciplines, Taccardo’s work focuses on space and interactions between the body and architecture. Movement takes the centre role as the crux where light, space, materials collide to produce visual work. A.P. Taccardo’s work is centred on questions of gender, with a queer approach to the body. In all projects, the focus is on the body as political matter; all movement, as a result, is political.

In recent years, A.P. Taccardo has brought this unique approach to movement to visual arts and fashion, notably with collaborations with photographers and stylists to create, art direct and research movement accordingly. His approach to curating concepts and space in art direction stems from years of working on directing projects in theatre, juggling a vast library of references and of cultural history with an acute flair for directing actors, dancers and models.
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